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Alexandria TROAS

The ancient city of Troas, with its fabulous remains of a Forum, Agora, and the Herodes Atticus baths, was once one of the largest cities of the Aegean and hosted two journeys of the Apostle Paul (see Acts 16: 8-11 and 20: 5-11; 2. Corinthians 2: 12-13; 2. Timothy 4:13)

Located close to the beach and surrounded in natural beauty, archaeological remains such as the famous sites of Troy and Assos and Alexandria Troas are easily accessible from here.

TROAS Apart Otel

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Home to Homer's Iliad, Troy invites you to a journey full of legends and mythologies spanning 9 different archaeological layers. And of course, who can forget the famous Trojan horse!



With its beautiful beaches, castle, vineyards and old Greek stone houses Bozcaada offers visitors perfect getaway and opportunities to relax.


Kepez hosts the largest water park in the North Aegean and South Marmara regions. Aqualand is a place where you can spend a very fun day with the entire family.


Once the location of the famous school of Aristotle, nowadays visible sights include a striking temple of Athena and the remains of the port visited by the apostle Paul (Acts 20: 13-15).


According to legends, Apollo punished kings for their injustice with a plague of rats. In addition to the remains of the temple, you can visit an extraordinary Roman bath.


The westernmost point of Anatolia, Babakale is home to the last castle built by the Ottomans. Its quaint restaurants, unique scenery and the Ak Liman cove provide opportunities for many activities.

Turgut Reis Tabyası 

In 1936-38, these cannons were remo-ved from the Turgut Reis ship, active in the War of Indepen-dence, and mounted in Güzelyalı. The location offers also picnic facilities.

Ayazma Pınarı

Located in the foothills of the beautiful Kaz mountains, this charming natural park is a great place for barbecues, take nature walks or simply relax and have fun with the whole family.


Sukemeri - Aqueduct

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