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TROAS Apart Hotel

Ancient Alexandria Troas , located nearby, is in a perfect location due to the wonderful nature and sea surrounding it, as well as other historical archaeological ruins such as the world-famous Troy and Assos, which are easily accessible from our address.


The ancient city, which hosts Homer's Iliad, invites you to a journey full of unique stories and mythologies with its various archaeological layers and the famous Trojan horse.


The magnificent beaches, castle, vineyards and old Greek houses of Bozcaada, formerly known as Tenedos, offer the perfect getaway and relaxation opportunity.


Aqualand, located in Kepez town and the largest water and entertainment park in the North Aegean and South Marmara, is a place where you can have a fun day with your family.


Virgin Beaches

With its many untouched beaches and bays, the adventurous calm and views of Bozcaada is a paradise that you should not miss.



Aristo'nun meşhur felsefe okuluna ev sahipliği yapmış, aynı zamanda göz alıcı bir Atina tapınağı ve İncil'de Elçi Pavlus'un ziyaret ettiği limanın kalıntılarını barındırır (İncil, Elçilerin İşleri 20:13-15).



According to rumors, Apollo punished the kings for their injustices with a plague epidemic spread by rats. In addition to the temple ruins, an extraordinary Roman bath can be visited.


Babakale, the westernmost point of Anatolia and the Asian continent, hosts the last castle built during the Ottoman period. It offers various activity opportunities with its cute restaurants, unique view and Ak Liman Bay.

Turgut Reis Bastion

Its batteries were removed from the Turgut Reis ship, which took part in the War of Independence, in 1936-38 and was installed in Güzelyalı. In addition to its historical value, the bastion offers picnic opportunities.

Ayazma Spring

This fascinating nature park, located at the foothills of Kaz Mountains, is a great place for the whole family, from 7 to 77, to relax and have fun, whether for a barbecue or a walk.


Ancient Quarry

III in the granite mines in Yahyaçavuş village, 15 km away from Troas. It is impossible not to admire the huge columns, each dating back to the 11th century, with a height of 11 meters, a diameter of 1.87 meters and a weight of 80 tons...

Algerian Hasan Pasha Mansion.jpg

Algerian Hasan Pasha


III. The pavilion-shaped tower remaining from the reign of Selim I is thought to be the Pasha's hunting lodge.

Kilitbahir Castle

It was built in the Eceabat district of Çanakkale by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1462-1463, facing each other with Çimenlik Castle.

Kilithabir Castle.jpg

Orhaniye Bastion

It was built in 1889 as an artillery fortification in order to strengthen the Bosphorus fortifications within the borders of Kumkale Town. It was built by Abdulhamid.

Ancient City of Neandria

The name of the city, which means "home of the young man", dates back to B.C. VII. It is thought that it was founded in this period due to the discovery of graves dating back to the 11th century.

Ancient City of Neandria.jpg

Kemerdere's aqueduct - Aqueduct

Efsanevi Truva'dan 15 km uzaklıktan şehre su götürmek için tek gözlü olarak inşa edilmiş. Yemyeşil çam ormanının içinden geçip muazzam çınarların çevrelediği küçük ama yemyeşil bir vadide...


Dardanos Tumulus

Its history dates back to II BC. It is among the most important ruins of the Ancient City of Dardanos, which dates back to a thousand years ago and was founded as a port city.

Troy Museum

Troy and its cultures, which left their mark on the Troas Region, which went down in history with Homer's Iliad, are explained through the artifacts unearthed from the excavations.


Çanakkale Martyrdom

With a height of 41.7 meters, the pedestal with dimensions of 25x25 meters and placed on 4 legs is the main figure. Also, Mehmetçik monument, War artifacts museum etc. There are.

Karye Technology Museum

It exhibits the development of objects that make life easier, both from the Ottoman Empire and from various countries.


Adatepe Village

Adatepe, a very old village built on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Edremit, is one of the best preserved villages of our country as it is located in a natural protected area, and of course, one of the most beautiful...


Mehmet Akif Ersoy House

The childhood home of Mehmet Akif Ersoy, the author of the National Anthem, in Bayramiç district, which has been converted into a museum, welcomes visitors from all over Turkey.

Ruins of Antandros

It was founded by the Pelasgians in the 10th century BC.
As a result of the excavations, rich floor mosaics and frescoes on the walls dating back to the 1st century AD were found.


Atikhisar Castle

There are watchtowers, walls and cisterns bearing the Ottoman building technique. Today, most of the walls and towers are standing.

Tractor Museum

Tractors that have witnessed history, from the steam tractors of the 1800s to our recent past, have lived and seen different stories in different countries of the world.

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